A group of advisers in the field
of new technologies
and their implementation in business.
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A group of advisers in the field
of new technologies
and their implementation in business.
„Do not multiply entities
beyond necessity.”

Beyond technology

We combine knowledge from diverse fields: technology, law, business processes and risk management, communication, change management, finance, and taxes.

We work in the Executive Collaboration model

After analysing the issue, for each project we create a team of specialists best suited for it. They develop clear and legible solutions.

Everything that affects efficiency

No excess theory or artificial entities. We focus on the core of a given project.

„Arguments should be weighed, not counted.”
At the interface between business and modern technologies
We have repeatedly supported large and smaller organizations through the digital transformation process, understood as a profound change in the company's operations, and not superficial activities related to the purchase of new IT solutions.
It’s about the experience
Our strength lies in the stories of our successes and the knowledge gained through failures that every practitioner has experienced (as opposed to well-known theoreticians and advisers).
Pragmatic approach to the relationship between goals, costs, risks, and implementation time
Only in such conditions will we get a real, rather than declared effect.
Ockham’s Razor. The principle of the economy of thinking, according to which one should strive for simplicity in the explanation of phenomena, choosing explanations based on the fewest assumptions and concepts.
Psychologist and sociologist. Coach, adviser, promoter of the idea of „sensible creation” - a new approach to consulting work with companies in the growth and change phase. She gained knowledge and experience at the University of South Carolina and Cornell University in the USA to name a few. At the Jagiellonian University she conducted research on the dynamics of groups and networks. She is a co-managing partner in the consulting company Heidtman & Piasecki and a co-founder of the Foundation for Intellectual Capital. She teaches postgraduate and MBA studies, cooperates with companies and their leaders as a „business doctor” in the area of ​​building an organizational culture, development of leaders and managerial staff, team building. Her publications have appeared in Sociological Focus, Advances in Group Processes, and Harvard Business Review Polska, Personnel and Management, Think Tank, Sens, Characters, Coaching, Leader's Magazine and Newsweek Psychology. She works as an expert with TVN, TVN24 and TVN 24 BiŚ.
Expert and promoter of digital transformation of the economy, as well as the impact of technology on society. Associate of think tanks, VC funds, mentor and adviser. Member of the Board of the Lewiatan Confederation and the Association of Digital Technology Employers Lewiatan. A long-time director in the region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Intel and previously a regional director at Intel Corporation. He has been associated with the IT industry since 1994. During his career he was responsible for all market segments and the full spectrum of sales and marketing channels. A graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology at the Faculty of Computer Science and Management and INSEAD Business School.
Licensed tax advisor with 15 years of experience. In his career he cooperated with the largest consulting companies (including BIG4).He has been running the TaxLab sp. Z o.o. for almost 5 years. He provides comprehensive consulting services for both international corporations and domestic enterprises. His experience includes implementation of tax procedures and transaction consultancy (structure selection, due diligence reviews). Recently, he has been advising taxpayers conducting research and development activities, in particular when implementing effective tax solutions (R & D tax relief, IP Box).
Management and leadership expert, consultant, manager and coach of managerial staff, an expert on the development services market. He completed a number of projects, including in the field of strategic planning, change management, diagnosis, and modeling of organizational culture, improvement of managerial and leadership skills, team building. He has many years of managerial experience in the financial sector. He is a co-founder and president of the Polish Chamber of Training Companies, a Councilor of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Board of ZSK stakeholders at the Ministry of National Education and the Competence Council at PARP. He was a long-time lecturer and consultant of Harvard Business Review Poland (ICAN INSTITUTE) and the MATRIK Association of Management Coaches. He is a co-author of the book „Sensible creation: 7 ways to create value in an organization and a team”.
Licensed tax advisor with 12 years of experience. He gained experience in international and national law firms and consulting companies. From October 2018 partner at TaxLab. Specialist in the field of tax consultancy for domestic and international enterprises as well as natural persons. He deals with current advisory as well as tax issues related to restructuring and transactions. Kamil helps taxpayers conducting research and development in using their tax preferences - such as B + R and IP Box.
Expert, member of numerous supervisory boards, former Vice President of Actionmed company, partner of the Black Pearls VC investment fund, investor in innovative technological projects. Previously, as director in international corporations (Intel, Microsoft), was responsible for the development strategy in the Central Europe region, development of the consumer market, on-line services, corporate and public market. In the years 2011-2015 a member of the management board of HP Polska responsible for the computer and print market. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and ICAN Institute / Harvard Business School Poland.
Łukasz Węgrzyn
Partner at SSW Pragmatic Solutions (Head of Technology Team). Specializes in IT contracts (implementation, service, development, maintenance), including building and negotiating IT contracts consistent with agile management methodologies (Agile). Expert in legal issues related to cloud services (cloud computing), outsourcing of IT services and transfer of software rights (IT audits, anti-vendor-lock strategies). Lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw. In the international ranking The Legal 500 (edition: 2018, 2019) indicated as Next Generation Lawyer in the Technology-Media-Telecommunications sector in Poland. Recommended in the international ranking of Chambers Europe 2019 in the Technology-Media-Telecommunications sector. He has the following certifications: ITIL Foundation, PSMI (Professional Scrum Master), AgilePM Foundation
Michał Bagłaj
Partner at SSW Pragmatic Solutions. Specializes in advising on national and European public procurement law, with particular focus on the IT, technology, energy and transport sectors. Michał also supports entrepreneurs in the preparation and implementation of internal purchasing and anti-corruption procedures as well as broadly understood compliance. He also deals in contract consulting. He was involved in the comprehensive implementation of a number of projects in the IT sector, including some implemented using agile methodologies (Agile). In addition, he co-authored the model documents published by the Polish Ministry of Digitization - good practices in the use of Agile methodologies in IT projects, analyses on the possibilities and methods of using the Agile methodology in IT projects implemented with the Public Procurement Law and exemplary clauses regarding implementation contracts in the IT sector. He also has extensive experience in providing legal representation before the KIO.
Manager operating on the market of new technologies, dealing with the creation and launching of new products, solutions and companies on the market. Specializes in creating and modernizing business processes using IT technology. Author of numerous articles and training materials devoted to the security, management and use of IT systems. A long-time board member of Ockham and formerly a director in large Polish and foreign media and technology companies. A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at the Warsaw University of Technology.
Manager, expert and practitioner of the production and use of modern technologies in enterprises. Experienced IT chief in large organizations, expert in the area of strategy, management and process optimization. Participant of numerous audits and restructuring projects. A long-time director of the IT division at Cyfrowy Polsat TV and Polkomtel telecom, and earlier a board member and director at technology companies. Academic teacher. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology at the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics and the Warsaw School of Economics.
Rafał Szczap
Manager, practitioner and enthusiast of generating effective sales increases of products and services connexted with the digitization of customer service processes. An experienced change management leader. Formerly board member, senior director at such companies as Xerox, Kapsch, DELL, and Nokia. Graduate of the Faculty of Electronics at the Wrocław University of Technology and the prestigious Ecole Superieure Commerce de Paris (ESCP Europe). Active tennis player.